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Small Business on the Fourth Screen

A New Series of Articles Written by Tyson Greer, Chief Executive Officer

Seattle, WA August 26, 2008 -- Are you running a small business? Find out how mobile technology can help you become more productive. Microsoft has just published a new series of articles written by Tyson Greer, CEO of Ambient Insight. The five articles cover a variety of topics that help small businesses choose the best mobile solution to meet their business needs.

Greer writes, "Most of us who own a small business are always on the lookout for ways to run our business more effectively and efficiently. Nowadays, most of us spend time out of the office and we can’t afford to be out of touch with customers or our colleagues. Waiting until the end of the day to catch up on e-mail can mean disappointing your customers, as well as missing opportunities; not to mention ruining the start of your evening."

Ambient Insight has compiled the articles into a single PDF download:

Small Business on the Fourth Screen (174KB)

The individual articles are posted in the small business section of the Windows Mobile portal. Here are the external links to the individual articles:

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