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US eLearning Market Tops $10 Billion

The current market for Self-paced eLearning products and services in the US across all the buying segments topped $10 billion in 2006 according to a new research report. The report was written by Sam Adkins, Chief Research Officer at Ambient Insight and veteran eLearning analyst..

"The current US eLearning market is in a period of rapid transformation with new business models being tried, new low-cost variations of traditional products appearing, new suppliers entering the market, and new buyers adopting the products," says Adkins.

The report, called The US Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2006-2011 Forecast and Analysis is unique in that it covers all buyers not just corporations. The report includes five-year spending forecasts for eight customer buying segments: consumer, corporations and businesses, federal government, state and local government, PreK-12 academic, higher education, non-profits and associations, and healthcare.

The industry has begun to grow again after several years of stagnation. The industry was stalled for four years following the US economic recession. Prior to the recession, the early adopters in the enterprise corporations defined the industry. Now eLearning is no longer just an enterprise trend. Wide adoption is now occurring across all the buying segments. "Enterprise companies are currently still the largest buyers in the 2006 market but the demand is now growing much faster in other buying segments," comments Adkins.

According to Adkins, "it is a new industry and the old rules do not apply. The market now favors innovative disruptor suppliers that are skilled at meeting the needs of the new buyers. Suppliers that know the answer to the question, 'who is the new buyer?' now have the advantage in the market."

Adkins reports that the market for e-Learning will grow by 30.8% over the forecast period. His key findings include the major shift in buying behavior and buyer demographics, a transformation of the supply chain, the robust growth in BPO “smartsourcing” services, innovative business models, and new revenue opportunities for nimble suppliers.

The revenues for outsourced services are growing by 80.2%. There is a strong demand for content targeted to specific sectors, but revenues for installed technology are flat. Adkins is quick to point out that the flat revenues for installed platforms are not due to a decline in demand.

He writes that, “Pricing pressures, competition, Open Source solutions like Moodle, server appliances with pre-installed content, and inexpensive hosted services are driving prices down very fast. This is great news for customers.”

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