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International Cognitive Learning Market
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The US Consumer Market for Technology-based Cognitive Learning Products: 2009-2014 Forecast and Analysis

The Early Adoption Phase of the Brain Fitness Industry is Over: It's All about Value and Brand Now

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The US consumer demand for technology-based Cognitive Learning products is growing by a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.4%. Annual consumer expenditures on these products will reach $61.1 million in 2009.

The most significant catalyst is the interest in brain fitness coming from the aging population. As of 2009, there are 62 million people over 55 in the US representing 21% of the total population. This demographic is growing by over 2.1 million people a year and will reach almost 73 million by 2014. The suppliers are now successfully (and aggressively) marketing to this demographic.

Download the Executive Overview (includes complete Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, and Index of Suppliers discussed in the report.)

Download Executive Overview PDF Document
Executive Overview: 14 Pages-698KB PDF Document

This report provides extensive examples of competitors, products, and buying behavior to help suppliers understand the market. This is evidence-based data designed to help suppliers create sustainable business models, develop competitive products, develop go-to-market strategies, and generate significant revenues and profit. This kind of data is indispensable in recessionary business environments.

There are four major categories of Cognitive Learning products forecast in this report including:

  • Cognitive assessments
  • Cognitive and intelligent tutors
  • Mobile brain training edgames
  • Brain fitness games and applications

The demand for cognitive assessments is growing by 28.5%, the demand for cognitive and intelligent tutors is growing by 36.4%, the demand for mobile brain training edugames is growing by 22.4%, and the demand for brain fitness games and applications is growing by 51.2%.


Key Findings:
There are several major factors that are influencing the US Consumer Cognitive Learning market:

  • Suppliers have successfully created a new market for new types of products that appeal to a large and diverse demographic on two ends of the age spectrum: early childhood and the elderly
  • The barriers-to-entry are relatively high for advanced products, but a steady stream of new suppliers are entering the market with low-end products
  • The confusion prevalent in the early adoption phase of the market has abated and customers are now relatively well-informed about the value of the products
  • A significant amount of venture capital is being invested in the companies that compete in the consumer segment
  • A vibrant retail reseller channel has emerged in the last year and the distribution channel is in place for wide adoption
  • Suppliers are experimenting with various business models and a "branding frenzy" is underway with a wide range of suppliers rebranding their products as brain training and brain fitness to tap into the demand
  • The competitive landscape is heating up with new and old suppliers competing for brand, revenue, and market share

The demand for Cognitive Learning products is very high and there are significant revenue opportunities for suppliers that can compete successfully. The target demographic for these products is relatively large (and growing) and the demand is still largely untapped.

There are 40 pages in the report, 2 tables, and 8 charts.

Questions Answered in this Report:
The analysis in this report identifies the most lucrative revenue opportunities for suppliers. This report answers the questions:

  • What are the growth rates for each product in the consumer segment?
  • What products are slowing in demand?
  • What are the highest revenue opportunities throughout the forecast period?
  • How do successful suppliers compete in the market?
  • What is the current state of the complex supply chain?
  • What companies dominate the competitive landscape?

Buyers Covered:
This report forecasts the expenditures for Cognitive Learning products in the US consumer segment.

The current market favors suppliers that can provide unique value to increasingly well-informed and savvy customers.

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