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2013-2018 North America Mobile Edugame Market

Consumers in Canada and the US are Avid Buyers of Mobile Edugames

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The revenues for Mobile Edugames in North America reached $227.9 million in 2013, according to a new report by Ambient Insight called the "2013-2018 North America Mobile Edugame Market." The five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 12.5% and revenues will spike to $410.27 million by 2018.

Consumers are by far the major buyers of mobile edugame digital content in Canada and the US and they will continue to dominate throughout the forecast period. The majority of consumer edugame purchases fall into the two ends of the age spectrum: math and language learning for young children and brain trainers and brain fitness apps for elders.

There are four analysis sections in this report: trends, demand-side, supply-side, and investments patterns/business models. The demand-side analysis provides suppliers with insights into the buying behaviors and market catalysts. The supply-side analysis breaks out forecast revenues by six types of mobile edugames: knowledge based, skill-based, knowledge based, brain trainers, language learning, location-based learning, and augmented reality.

Contents: This North America regional report has 76 pages, 9 tables, and 2 charts. Download the free Abstract: 2013-2018 North America Mobile Edugame Market

To learn more about our research, send e-mail to Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

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