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US Mobile Game Market Forecast Reports
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The US Market for Handheld and Mobile Game-based Learning Products: 2007-2012 Forecast and Analysis

EduGaming the System: Creating New Customers and Tapping New Revenues in a Complex Competitive Landscape

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The market conditions for Handheld and Mobile Game-based Learning products are very favorable in the US. The demand is growing by a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.5%.

The handheld and mobile learning game market comprises 5.8% of the total US mobile gaming market. This percentage will likely shrink over the forecast period not due to the lack of demand, but rather due to the explosive growth of the greater mobile game market.

Demand is being accelerated by business and cultural catalysts such as the adoption of Mobile Learning, the serious games movement, brain fitness and educational neuroscience research, customer education advergaming, and the "games for health" initiatives. Fundamentally new types of games are now hitting the market and new customers are being created. The current market favors suppliers that can continue to create new customers and meet the needs of these new buyers.

Published in October 2007, this is the first report on the market that forecasts the US demand for handheld brain training games. Ambient Insight has been tracking brain fitness applications and brain trainer games since 2006.

(Please Note: In July 2008 Ambient Insight revised the forecasts for brain trainers for the 2008-2013 forecast period in a new targeted "snapshot" report called, "Snapshot of the US Market for Mobile Brain Trainer Products: 2008-2013 Forecast".)


There are 55 pages, 7 tables, and 6 charts in the report.

Questions Answered in this Report:

The favorable market conditions are due to many catalysts. There are several major growth factors driving the US Mobile Game-based Learning market. This report answers the following questions:

  • What types of games represent the best revenue opportunities for suppliers?
  • Which types of games appeal to particular buying segments?
  • What are the barriers to entry for new suppliers?
  • Which buying segments are the top buyers throughout the forecast period?
  • What products have the best long-term revenue growth?
  • How do successful suppliers navigate the complex supply chain?
  • What distribution methods are suppliers adopting in the current market?
  • Who are the top suppliers in the competitive landscape?
  • What devices are customers using to play the games?
  • What are the market catalysts and inhibitors in the current market?

There is resurgence in demand for mobile edugames. The new demand is in response to new types of products that appeal to a much wider audience. Several of the best known game development companies such as Glu Mobile, EA Mobile, UbiSoft, Gameloft, and Sega are putting new Mobile Game-based Learning products into the pipeline.

This report isolates the gaming products being developed for four types of devices: dedicated gaming devices (such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP), personal media players (PMPs), personal digital assistants (PDAs), and cell and smartphones.

Demand-side Analysis in this report:

This report provides revenue breakouts by eight demand-side buyers: consumer, corporations, federal government, state and local government, PreK-12 academic, higher education, non-profits, and healthcare.

Supply-side Analysis in this report:

The supply-side analysis breaks out revenues by three product types: content, services, and tools. The content analysis includes a detailed break out for five types of edugames:
  • Knowledge-based games
  • Skill-based games
  • Brain trainers
  • Role-playing and simulation
  • Language learning games

Suppliers Covered:

Active Ingredient, Activision Publishing, Adobe, AE4RV, area/code, Apple, Aspyr Media, Cammsoft, Capcom Interactive, Chalk Media, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson Publishing), Concrete Software, Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation, Digitalmill, Dimple Entertainment, Disney Interactive, Dositey Corporation, EA Mobile, Eidos Interactive, Extreme AI, FableVision. FluffyLogic, From Software, Game Editor, GameFly, Gamelion, Gameloft, Game Mine, Gamerang, GameznFlix, Gamma Gamer, GeoTrek, GestureTek Mobile, Gorilla Games, Glu Mobile, GottaPlay, GPlay, Handango, Handmark, HandyMed, Happy Neuron, Hasbro, HP Labs, Impressionware, IntelliGolf, Into the Game, I-play, iPodsoft, Kallisto Productions, Kaplan, Knowledge Probe, LDW Software, Leading Step, LingvoSoft, Local Games Lab, Lunagames, Majesco Entertainment Company, Mastersoft Mobile Solutions, MediaClick, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, MindHabits, MobiHand, Mobile LifeStyles, MobileTutor. Mobliss, Nintendo, Nokia, NumbThumb, Oberon, Omega Mobile, Qplaze, Rave Wireless, Resco, Scholastic, Sega, SegTech, Sony, Spb, StudyCell, Taito, THQ, TimeLapse Mobile, UbiSoft, UFO Interactive Games, Urban Interactive, and Warelex.

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To learn more about our research, send e-mail to Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

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