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New Mobile Revenue Opportunities
  For more information about our research, contact us at Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

Ambient Insight tracks emerging revenue trends in the US for new mobile platforms, devices, tools, applications, content, and services. We watch for products that increase workforce productivity, provide contextual decision support, and enhance personal knowledge management.

Image:  Ambient Insight's Description of Mobile Technology Market Catalysts

Ambient Insight will provide forecast analyses on new products once the revenues and markets are clearly addressable. Several new areas are showing signs of strong market growth including:

Emerging Mobile Revenue Opportunities

Healthcare Mobile Applications and Content

In the healthcare industry, mobile computing has a long history, a large number of users, and mobile devices are often integrated with both the education and the daily workflow of healthcare professionals. It is the one place where the use of Mobile Technology can be researched over a relatively long period of time. Currently, we track four types of applications used in the healthcare segment: mobile continuing medical education (CME) and mobile exam prep, emergency medical decision support, clinical decision support, and medical and healthcare reference.

Image: US 4G Mobile Data Frequencies

Most applications in the healthcare market are being targeted at physicians and nurses--the power users. Consequently Ambient Insight analysts looked closely at their workflow, the Mobile applications they use, their mobile device adoption, and into the money trail that supports and encourages that adoption.

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Location-based Intelligence and Location-based Services

Location-based Intelligence is based on Location-based Services (LBS) technology. It is productivity enabled by wirelessly networked interfaces and sensors adapting to the presence of the user at a specific location. RFID chips and GPS chips are often used in this type of product, particularly in clinical Healthcare point-of-care environments, first responder and public safety situations, and in the tourist industry.

A new product niche for location-based services is in the consumer sector. The products “push” location-based information to consumers when they point mobile devices at products on shelves, physical geographic locations, or museum exhibits.

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Personal Learning, Productivity, and Navigation Products

There is a specific type of products known as personal learning and personal productivity tools. There is a $750 million market for personal learning products concentrated almost entirely in the consumer and Pre-K12 markets.

The mobile workforce is increasingly being equipped with powerful connected devices with access to wireless broadband. Suppliers that are developing vertical productivity and performance support solutions designed for this demographic are essentially tapping a new market for performance technology.

Handheld devices that provide procedural performance support using mobile GPS navigation technology are now commonly known as Personal Navigation Devices (PND).

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Mobile Gaming, Simulation and Collaboration

In Europe and Asia mobile videoconferencing and mobile collaboration are quite common. This technology is now being marketed in the US and is most prevalent in the massively distributed multi-user mobile gaming market. The mobile gaming industry is already marketing products with rich multimedia and multi-user interactivity.

Image: US 4G Mobile Data Frequencies

Legacy real-time collaboration technology such as Web conferencing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing is rapidly being “ported” to mobile formats. Fourth generation personal productivity technology will be a hybrid of real-time collaboration and mobile technologies.

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For more information about our research, contact us at Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

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