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International Learning Technology Market Forecasts
For more information about our research, contact us at Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

Ambient Insight is an international integrity-based market research firm that specializes in identifying revenue opportunities for global learning technology suppliers.

Ambient Insight has been compiling country-by-country data on the expenditures on learning technology across seven regions of the globe since 2004. We now have a breathtaking view of the global industry and can parse the data by product, by buyer segment, by country, and/or by region.

We know suppliers need precise product definitions and forecasts to compete in the learning technology industry. We have a transparent pricing model and offer five types of syndicated market research reports:

  • Premium Reports: A Premium report includes a buyer analysis, a regional demand-side forecast analysis across seven regions with five-year forecasts and profiles for the top buying countries in each region, a supply-side analysis, and an index of suppliers - These reports are designed for suppliers that need an in-depth view of the buying behaviors in each of the top buying countries in each region of the globe.
    • Pricing: Ranges from $8,150.00 to $15,250.00 depending on the number of countries profiled

  • Regional Reports: A Regional report includes regional demand-side forecast analysis with five-year forecasts and profiles for the top buying countries in each region - These reports are designed for suppliers that are competing (or plan to compete) in specific regions.
    • Pricing: Ranges from $1,225.00 to $3,875.00 depending on the number of countries profiled

  • Country Profiles: Ambient Insight has learning technology market data for over 150 countries across the planet. We compile all the five-year forecasts we have for specific countries into the profiles including eLearning, Mobile Learning, Mobile edugames, digital English language learning, Location-based Learning, and other product types if available - These reports are designed for suppliers needing a detailed analysis for specific countries. Contact us at info@ambientinsight.com to request a specific Country Profile.
    • Pricing: $1,100.00

  • Targeted Reports: A Targeted report may analyze buying behavior and trends in a specific buyer segment; may isolate revenue opportunities, forecast revenues, and trends for a particular product type; or may pinpoint revenues and trends for a specific sub-category of content, service, or technology - These reports are designed for suppliers that are targeting specific buyers or specializing in a particular product sub-type.
    • Pricing: $2,475.00

Updated market research reports are available now in the Ambient Insight Store.

We are the only research firm in the industry that has developed a learning product taxonomy based on pedagogy and information architecture principles. We don't throw everything in one basket and call it "eLearning". Our research taxonomy is the backbone of our data repository and allows us to identify, catalog, and index revenues for specific products in particular countries.

Image:  Diagram of Ambient Insight's Learning Product Taxonomy

Ambient Insight provides market research across all the internation buyer segments including: consumer, PreK-12 academic, higher education, local and state government, federal government, corporations, non-profits, and healthcare. Additionally we break out the corporate segment by four sub-segments and the federal segment by military and civilian agencies.

View Ambient Insight's Research Taxonomy
(25 Pages-1.1MB PDF Document-Updated February 2014)
Includes Research Methodology, Buyer Segmentation,
Product Definitions, and Licensing Model

Our Quantitative Market Research Methodology
Ambient Insight provides forecast revenue by customer segment (demand-side) and by product category (supply-side) based on our proprietary Evidence-based Research Methodology (ERM).

Image:  Diagram of Ambient Insight's Evidence-based Research Methodology

The ERM is an iterative process based on predictive analytics that identify revenue opportunities for suppliers. ERM progresses from general patterns (the big picture) to very precise particular patterns. It is used to create a forecast model comprised of relevant predictors. The forecast model is refined as additional data becomes available.

To learn more about our research, send e-mail to Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

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