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The 2016-2021 Worldwide Self-paced eLearning Market

The 2016-2021 Worldwide Self-paced eLearning Market (Free Report)

The Global eLearning Market is in Steep Decline

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This is a free report. Due to the steep decline in the Self-paced eLearning industry, Ambient Insight will no longer publish commercial syndicated reports on eLearning. Ambient Insight will continue to track the industry and will publish free annual whitepapers on the global Self-paced eLearning market.

The global eLearning industry is now in the midst of a perfect storm of market conditions that are driving revenues down including weak demand for most self-paced products, commoditization, the late stage of eLearning's product lifecycle, pronounced product substitution, and the so-called leapfrog effect with buyers in developing countries completely bypassing eLearning for newer products.


The worldwide compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for Self-paced eLearning products is distinctly negative at -6.4%. Revenues will drop dramatically to $33.4 billion by 2021, a steep decline of $13.5 billion over the forecast period according to a new free report by Ambient Insight called "The 2016-2021 Worldwide Self-paced eLearning Market."

Five-year regional forecasts for three types of eLearning products are provided for the global market and the US and China. A breakout for six buying segments is inlcuded for the US and China.

Revenues for Self-paced eLearning in 2016 are heavily concentrated in just two countries: the US and China. Revenues are declining fast in both countries, driving the aggregate revenues down precipitously. The growth rate in the US is negative at -5.3% and while this decline may appear modest, it will account for a $4.9 billion decline in revenues for eLearning in the US by 2021. In China, the growth rate for Self-paced eLearning is very negative at -8.8% and revenues will decline by $1.9 billion over the forecast period. The eLearning market in China has deteriorated rapidly in just the last 18 months.

Revenues for Self-paced eLearning will drop an astounding $6.8 billion over the forecast period in these two countries combined. The inhibitors are different in each country with commoditization and product substitution driving the US sharply downward and a meltdown of the highly-fragmented eLearning market in China exacerbated by the aggressive entry of the Internet giants into the market.

Image:  Top Twenty 2015-2020 eLearning Growth Rates bv Country


Of the 122 countries tracked by Ambient Insight, there are 15 countries that have growth rates for Self-paced eLearning over 15%. These countries are heavily concentrated in Asia and Africa, the two outliers being Slovakia and Lithuania.

Contents: This free worldwide report has 69 pages, 8 tables, and 9 figures. Download the free report: AmbientInsight's 2016-2021 Worldwide-Self-paced eLearning Market

Eleven of the top fifteen growth countries will generate less than twenty million dollars by 2021. Of the top fifteen, Slovakia and Lithuania will generate the highest revenues for self-paced products by 2021 at $55.4 million and $36.5 million, respectively.

Image: 2015-2020 eLearning Growth Rates by Seven Regions

The growth rates are negative in every region except Africa where the growth is flat at 0.9%. The steepest declines are in Asia and Latin America at -11.7% and -10.8%, respectively. The economic meltdowns in Brazil and Venezuela are major inhibitors in Latin America.

There are 77 countries with flat-to-negative growth rates. The countries with the lowest growth rates are Yemen, Brazil, Qatar, and Venezuela at -18.7%, -19.8%, -23.5%, and -26.8%, respectively.

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