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Ambient Insight's Consulting Services

Ambient Insight strives to make clients self-sufficient. Our project strategy is to provide continuous knowledge transfer that allows clients to own their intellectual property and to help them reduce dependencies on external consultants, including ourselves. Ambient provides clients with five major types of consulting services.

Custom Research Services

We have shown industry leaders how to migrate to higher margin products and new revenues without replacing current product lines or jeopardizing legacy revenue streams. For previous clients, we have developed multi-year tactical roadmaps, strategic product pipelines, revenue stream timelines, pricing models, and short lists of acquisition targets.

Brand Strength Analysis

Ambient Insight provides strategic advice on how to increase brand awareness and makes tactical recommendations on steps to take to reach stated business goals. We assess the value propositions of the top-brand competitors in buying segments identified by our client. A Brand Strength Analysis may also include a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assessment to evaluate the visibility of the client's website to search engines. This can lead to development of a strategy to improve discoverability on the web and to enhance the search experience on the client's website.

Market Trends and Competitive Intelligence

What are customers buying? What have they stopped buying? What does the competitive landscape look like? Who are the suppliers disrupting the market? Analysis includes venture capital investment trends, executive hiring patterns, patent applications, technology-related legislation, technology standards development, product research trends, patterns of innovation, product life-cycle patterns, technology infrastructure trends, and global product successes.

Strategic: Addressable Market and Revenue Projections

Taking a product to market? Will your product be successful? How much money will you make in the market? Revenue projections for 3 and 5-year product cycles. Customer segmentation broken out by corporate, local government, local and state government, federal civilian and military government, PreK-12 academic, higher education academic, associations, healthcare, and consumer. Revenues broken out by content, content services, technology, and hosting services.

Tactical: Next Generation Product Pipeline Roadmaps

Custom technical feasibility studies for new product lines. Looking for new revenues? Detailed analysis of product lifecycles and product migration paths. Build scalable information architectures and learning technology form-factors that will remain viable in the next 3-5 years. Phase out learning technologies that will lose market share or become commoditized. Get profitable products into the pipeline.

Merger and Acquisition Target Analysis

Detailed analysis of potential merger and acquisition (M&A) targets. Looking to grow through a horizontal or vertical M&A transaction? Analysis includes company profile, product taxonomy, burn rate, investors, debt, capital, Universal Commercial Code banking reports, public-domain business records, court records, press releases, staff, management, partnerships, licensing agreements, intellectual property, competitors, and ability to execute.

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Ambient Insight's 2009 rate sheet is available upon request. To learn more about our services, send e-mail to Image:  Send e-mail info@ambientinsight.com.

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