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About Ambient Insight

At Ambient Insight, we put research into practice.

Ambient Insight is an integrity-based market research firm that uses predictive analytics to identify revenue opportunities for global learning technology suppliers. We use predictive analytics software and proprietary algorithms to triangulate measurable Total Addressable Market (TAM) forecasts.

We are a quantitative research firm. Quantitative market research is an empirical process in which deductive mathematical models are used to identify and calibrate statistically-valid variables about target products, markets, and/or buyers.

Ambient Insight principals are well-known competitive intelligence experts in the global learning technology industry. Ambient Insight was founded in 2004 by the original members of the Advanced Knowledge Engineering team that built the Microsoft Online Learning Institute (MOLI), the world's first international commercial eLearning business.

Ambient Insight has two lines of business: publishing quantitative syndicated reports and providing proprietary custom research to suppliers and private investment firms.

In our syndicated reports, Ambient Insight provides quantitative market research by customer segment (demand-side) and by product category (supply-side) based on our taxonomy and our proprietary Evidence-based Research Methodology (ERM). We developed ERM by modifying and refining industry-standard quantitative methods to reflect the unique characteristics of the learning technology market.

In our custom research, we have developed competitive intelligence, multi-year tactical roadmaps, product pipelines, revenue stream timelines, pricing models, merger and acquisition (M&A) profiles, and go-to-market strategies for a range of international clients. We have helped large and small organizations successfully launch new learning technology products and services.

We have shown industry leaders how to migrate to higher margin products and new revenues without replacing current product lines or jeopardizing legacy business practices or revenue streams.

Ambient Insight strives to make clients self-sufficient. Our project strategy is to provide continuous knowledge transfer that allows clients to own their intellectual property and to help them reduce dependencies on external consultants, including ourselves.

Ambient Insight provides market research across all the international buyer segments including: consumer, preK-12 academic, higher education, local and state government, federal government, corporations, non-profits, and healthcare. We are the only research firm in the industry that has developed a learning product taxonomy based on pedagogy and information architecture principles. Ambient Insight provides market forecast research for eight pedagogically defined learning products.

We strive to provide the best solutions and high-caliber customer service. Please contact us at any time for information on products, services, or your order.

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