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Ambient Insight Team

Picture of Tyson Greer Tyson Greer
Chief Executive Officer

Tyson Greer is CEO and Chief Content Officer (CCO) for Ambient Insight. She has more than 30 years of experience analyzing customer/business needs and market opportunities, designing targeted content in various media, and researching practical applications of emerging technologies. Her primary market analysis work for Ambient Insight focuses on Brain Fitness, mHealth, Mobile Learning in Healthcare, Mobile Augmented Reality, and Location-based Learning.


Picture of Sam Adkins Sam Adkins
Chief Research Officer

Sam S. Adkins is co-founder and Chief Research Officer at Ambient Insight. Sam is an expert at identifying revenue opportunities for global suppliers. Sam has been providing market research on the training and education industries for over twenty years and has been involved with electronic training technology for over twenty-five years. Sam specializes in learning technology research across several technologies including mobile, augmented reality, cognitive, and location-based services.


Ambient Insight Advisory Board

Picture of Jill Burger Jill Parsons
Learning Industry Researcher

Jill is an accomplished analyst, having focused on strategic market analysis, competitive intelligence and research methodology throughout her career. She has worked with executives to fuel strategic, data-driven decisions surrounding workforce productivity and technology development and marketing. Her past experience enables a keen understanding of both the demand and supplier side of the forces influencing the Learning and productivity markets that Ambient Insight tracks.


Picture of Judy Brown Judy Brown
Educational Technology Consultant

Judy Brown is a leading international Mobile Learning expert and a highly-regarded educational technology consultant. Judy has extensive experience in both the higher education and federal government segments. She has worked on prototypes and proof-of-concept demos for several segments including K12. Judy has been involved in learning technology R&D for many years and has an impressive track record in applied performance technology research.


Picture of Marianne Sweeny Marianne Sweeny
Information Architect and Search Optimization Specialist

Marianne Sweeny is a recognized expert in the information design field and a member of Ambient Insight's Advisory Board. Formerly with Microsoft Corporation from 1999 to 2006, Marianne pioneered development and implementation of numerous search optimization and information architecture improvements on www.microsoft.com, one of the largest and most complex Web sites in the world. In 2002, her work was recognized with the Divisional Vision Award.


Picture of Richard Rovinelli Dr. Richard Rovinelli
Healthcare and Life Sciences Psychometrician

Dr. Rovinelli serves as Ambient Insight's primary advisor on issues and reports related to healthcare and the life sciences. Dr. Rovinelli received his Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis in psychometrics from the University of Massachusetts in 1976. He has focused his career on the use of computers to address the administrative, analytical, reporting and delivery tasks of testing.


Picture of Nancy Harkrider Dr. Nancy Harkrider
Asia Learning Industry Expert

Dr. Nancy Harkrider has 25 years of experience as a learning technology professional and is the executive producer of over 40 media-based learning initiatives. Her American and Asian clients include multinational corporations, health maintenance organizations, universities, and government agencies.


Picture of Aaron Pulkka Aaron Pulkka
Global Game Industry Executive

Aaron is a leading international expert on next-generation game development. He is known for his expertise in game development, China/West relations, business development, distributed production models, technology trends, and intellectual property evaluation. His extensive experience working on collaborative production projects spanning five continents gives him a unique perspective on global markets.


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